Cool Gifts for Your Teens or College Age Kids

My kids are 20 and 23 and they are going a bit retro as they grow up! At least one of them is – with some of his music. I am thrilled with the music choices they have on their playlists and couldn’t believe when I saw throwback ALBUMS and a record player on the last birthday list! Shopping for cool gifts on Amazon was super fun this year! I could have added more, but left some picks for another occasion.

Here’s what cool gifts I got this time!

The bonus was that I told him to toss those directions and gave the ins and outs of how to work a record player!!! It was quite enjoyable watching my engineering child study this new piece of machinery. We started with learning about the needle and the basics of those grooves that tell you when the song ends. We ended our session with a trip down memory lane as we explored my blue jean box of 45’s! I’m not sure he enjoyed our lesson as much as I did, but he humored me and acted interested!

His record player wasn’t as vintage as the 1970’s. You could still close it up and carry it like a little suitcase, just like we did back in the day. Who knew back then how much a sound system could be improved with the right speakers. It has a much needed speaker jack and even bluetooth. I thought all in all we had quite a bargain birthday!

I was so glad Amazon had so many of the choices my son had on the list that I’ll be ordering again soon. It is so fun to be able to share music that I love with him. And the equipment, too!

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